the camera adds 20 pounds

Ok so I had an internship for 4 months that I worked 80 hours a week.  Not a lot of time to exercise, so I gained like 5 lbs and cushion around the midsection.  Nothing extreme, nothing that can’t be remedied by some cardio and cutting down on the empty calorie football season beer intake.  I’m not too worried, my pants still fit.  I’ll get my chiseled abs back, gradually and on my  own time.  No rush.

So I’ve been working with this YouTube channel called PsycheTruth and shooting some fitness videos.  I am a certified group fitness instructor so I’ve been doing some cardio, abs, strength and toning stuff (links posted on my blog).

People are MEAN!!!

It was so funny to see some of the responses.  My top crept up slightly and exposed my midsection, which subsequently exposed my muffin top love handles.  Oh, people had a heyday with that.  Someone said I was 20 lbs overweight… DAMN DENA!  Hefer. I laughed so hard reading some of these… damn.  Fortunately I really don’t care, I am well aware and comfortable with my body.  Thank goodness I don’t take myself too seriously, because that is some confidence slashing type sh**.

I weigh 120-121 lbs (right now), am 5’4”.  Five pounds overweight?  Cool I can handle that.  Twenty?!?!?  This is whats wrong with body image in America.  We don’t all have photoshop.  We are human.

According to MetroLife Weight Tables a woman of my height should weigh as follows…





with a small, medium, and large frame, respectively.  I fall under the healthy weight range for my height and frame.

I’m just sayin’, if we were to stop being so critical of each other, we can focus on whats really important.

Living a long, healthy, substantive life where we can feel happy, healthy, and terrific about ourselves everyday.  Where we can strive, not for society’s image of perfection, but to be healthy and comfortable with our bodies and be perfect for ourselves.

I don’t workout so I can look good for other people, I want to be healthy and take care of my body for myself.  I am happy when I look in the mirror, and I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished.  Are you?


3 thoughts on “the camera adds 20 pounds

  1. Hi Dena! I found your blogpost and I thought I would like to respond. You might recognize my name from your Today I Will Fitness group on Facebook. Yep, I have seen the ugly comments on Youtube. Actually I removed this option on my own Youtube Channel since some people obviously cant use Youtube in the right way. Glad to hear that you are strong and that you have produced much valuable workout videos. Hope to see more videos soon 🙂 Take care

    1. Thanks! I am working on a website that will have a blog of my activities and links to all my workouts as well. Make sure to scubscribe to PsychTruth on YouTube!

  2. I can assure you, as a 19 year old hormone crazed male, you look beyond gorgeous. People who say things like this are stupid.

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