New Fun Playlist for Cycle….

Rob Dougan (7:26) – Clubbed to Death
warm up, set pace

Spoon (3:36) – I turn my camera on

Rhianna (3:50) – The Only Girl in the World
standing jog, sprint chorus at SAME RESISTANCE

The Pixies (3:47) – Where is My Mind
2 groups – alternate standing climb and sprints

Teddybears (3:23) – Different Sound
standing climb

Bob Marley (3:54) – Don’t Worry Be Happy
alternate pressing down only with left foot for 30 sec, then right foot

Owl City (3:47) – Fireflies remix
sitting climb

Far East Movement (3:38) – Like a G6

Nelly Furtado (3:43) – Say It Right
climb, push and increase tempo during chorus

Beastie Boys (3:53) – Intergalactic

Miss Jane (3:32) – Its A Fine Day


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