Are you really running in those shoes? The five finger shoes

So apparently the new trend in running shoes is the “five footed barefooted alternative” Vibram running shoes. They look like rubber gloves on your feet with toes. Funky looking, definitely a statement made by the grassroots, social-media implementing company that distributes the running shoes. The Vibrams are meant to encourage “forefoot striking” that require the runner striking the balls of the feet first, thus lessening the impact on the heel and strengthening stability muscles in the feet, calves, and legs.

They look weird but they supposedly work, coming from the few young, active crowd that seem to be supporting the new trend. The only drawbacks come from the time required to adjust to the discomfort of using new muscles and the unavoidable rocks and uneven surfaces that are felt through the thin rubber soles.

I’m just not willing to shell out a crisp hundo to try them out…. you buy them and tell me if it was worth it.

OH, and they come with socks….


To hear a first hand account of a runner who switched from thick soled shoes and heel striking to midfoot striking and minimalist shoes, check out the post below.

marathon, vibram fivefingers, running shoes, kristi hightower
Vibram FiveFingers Enable Runner to Cross the Finish Line


I’d love to hear from any personal accounts you might have of minimalist versus thicker soled shoes.  Comment below!


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